While 2020 was not my most productive year for reading, I read what I could with the mental capacity I could collect. Still, I found several favorites that aided in my much-needed escape from reality.

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Lighting the Fires of Freedom by Janet Dewart Bell

Highlighting the Black women who led the fearless charge and shaped their communities during the Civil Rights Movement of the twentieth century.


The Project by Courtney Summers (publication 2/2021)

Cults, suspense, obsession, love, loss — all mystery readers from the master to the novice will find it hard to put this book down. Which, I could not.

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Blood Work by Michael Connelly

This crime mystery follows the main character through a special case that challenges his life and his career in ways that your typical “FBI agent solves a crime” story does not.

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The Outsider by Stephen King

Stephen King is the master of convincing readers that the supernatural exists all around us, no matter how adamantly we believe it is impossible. The Outsider is no exception.